Akruti community

About Akruti Community

Akruti is a community initiative by Wander Youth team.  We aim to bring like minded people & good causes together. Team Akruti will create and post opportunities for you. We will find a cause that sparks your interest and put you in touch with a non-profit that needs you.

Are you on a lookout for a cause to support? Below are some of the Akruti initiatives that you can support and volunteer:

  • Helping children in the school
  • Spending time at an orphanage
  • Adopting a child for education
  • Helping Animals and the Environment
  • Helping the Hungry and/or Homeless
  • Promoting Community Enhancement
  • Supporting differently abled and special people

Discover a way to give back via causes that is meaningful for you with the limited time and resources you have.

With Akruti, Celebrate the Joy of Giving and receiving at the same time! Join the Akruti community now!

Join the community – Contact (google.com)

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